For Candidate

(1) Should I submit my CV with a covering letter?
(2) What should I do after submitting my CV to Silenus?
(3) Is there a consultant delegated to look after my case?
(4)What is the purpose of coming to Silenus’ office in person?
(5)Will you share my information with other parties or potential employers?
(6)What should I do if I am not interested in the position the consultant propose?
(7)Will Silenus’ consultants do anything after confirming an interview?
(8)What should I do after interviewing with the potential employer?
(9)Should I contact the potential employer directly?
(10)Is there any room for negotiation concerning my salary package besides taking or rejecting an offer?
(11)When should I resign? Will the consultant give me advice on this matter?
(12)Will Silenus help me if I find out there is something unexpected after I have been on board?
For Client

(1)What should I prepare before assigning an opening to Silenus?
(2)How many candidate profiles will be sent to me and when?
(3)Do your consultants meet with the candidate?
(4)What if I have received the same candidate profile from other sources?
(5)Should I contact the candidate directly?
(6)Can I ask Silenus to do reference checks for us?