Any description of Silenus should start with our clients and candidates. Since 2001, the year when Silenus was established, the confidence of our clients and candidates in us has inspired them to return to us and recommend us as a reliable partner. We sincerely thank for their loyalty and continue with our commitment to serve them in their best interest.

Over the years we have built up valuable knowledge and experience, as well as an extensive pool of talent based in Hong Kong. In fact, a pipeline of qualified candidates is available from Silenus, which improves the probability of our clients finding the right candidate who will not only be able to add value to their company but also drive their business to new heights. We understand the Consumer and Retail industry is dynamic and highly competitive and hiring the suitable personnel is pivotal to business success. At Silenus, we search for both active and passive candidates having the distinct qualities that you need. And our access to local knowledge enhances our professionalism as a recruitment and placement consultant.

We, on the other hand, strive to offer the best opportunities to our candidates. Our practice is built on the belief that we are a trusted lifelong partner of our clients and candidates in recruitment. We have earned that trust by adhering to high ethical standards and filling their specific needs. Our candidates rely on us to provide them with the latest market information and help them identify the most suitable options.

Silenus is staffed by a team of dedicated professional recruitment consultants who have insightful understanding of the Consumer and Retail industry in Hong Kong. Silenus consultants possess relevant recruitment skills and know-how to select the right candidates for you.